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Le Clos Signadore is exclusively planted with Corsican identity grape varieties.

The domain was founded by Christophe Ferrandis in 2001.

It covers about twenty ha, of which ten are planted with vines.

Le Clos Signadore produces 30,000 bottles per annum. 

All wines are certified organic.


Les vignes retour bio

The vines

Most of the plots are located in the Patrimonio appellation, where the white, rosé and red A Mandria wines and the white and red Clos Signadore are produced. in 2016, 2.5 ha were planted on the East Coast, in Borgo. These vines  give the grapes used to produce Inizia cuvées.

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The entire estate was converted to organic viticulture in 2010.

Planting density is usually between 4500 and 5000 vines / ha.

Vines are conducted in traditional free or trellised goblet.

Maintaining a significant leaf cover creates a cool microclimate in the fruiting zone and allows the phenolic maturity of the grape to be reached.

Consequently, the tannins are less hard, the wines gain in complexity and depth, thanks to the long cycle.

The vinifications

The nature of the soils and the climate, associated with the a significant leaf cover, allow to reach an optimal phenolic maturity of the white and red grape varieties, while preserving the freshness of the fruit and maintaining very balanced potential alcohol levels. .

All the grapes are harvested by hand, and transported in 10 kg crates.

The grapes are sorted on a vibrating sorting table. No selected yeasts are used during the fermentations.

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Les vins du domaine
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Contact us

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To get to the estate, ONLY take the D238 from Saint-Florent or Oletta

Clos Signadore

LDT Morta-Piana, 

20232 Poggio-d'Oletta

+33 (0)6 15 18 29 81


The wines of the estate / Le Clos Signadore

In addition to the 4 ha of garrigue and wood, the Clos Signadore covers 4.5 ha in AOC Patrimonio, planted with Nielluciu and Vermentinu. The vines in the Clos are separated in 4 specific plots, the Butte, the Four, the Mine and the Ruin.


Clos Signadore red 2016

AOC Patrimonio

Ecocert organic certification

3,000 bottles


Pure Nielluciu harvested on 2 plots of Clos Signadore: mostly the Butte, and a small pofrtion of the Mine. 


Maturing in French oak demi-muids until spring 2019.



Clos Signadore white 2019

AOC Patrimonio

Ecocert organic certification

1,000 bottles


Grapes harvested from the rows of Vermentinu spread across the Clos Signadore.


Fermentation and aging for one year in French oak demi-muids .

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